When you are looking for a place to move your business, one of your key considerations should be how easily you will be able to access the modes of transportation that you will require. Every business relies on being able to receive shipments of the supplies they need as well as being able to get their products or services to their customers. Which modes of transportation will your business need to be able to access for the best logistics efficiency? Whether you need to use automobile, air, water, or rail transportation, Jefferson County, TN, is the ideal place for your business location. All four major modes of transportation are easily accessible from our great county.

Automobile Transportation

Jefferson County, TN, is strategically located at the junction of Interstate 81 and Interstate 40. These are two major interstates that connect to key parts of the country. Interstate 81 travels up through the northeastern United States, and Interstate 40 stretches west across the country all the way to California. Four US Highways and ten state highways also pass through Jefferson County, connecting the area to neighboring cities and states. Each of these interstates and highways is intricately linked to the rest of the country’s interstates and highway systems. These roadways allow businesses in Jefferson County to reach 70 percent of the United States population in just a single day’s drive and can easily take you and your products anywhere you need to go. Global transportation company Old Dominion Freight Line has recognized this major advantage and, as a result, has made Jefferson County the home of one of its business locations. You should consider moving your business to Jefferson County as well to make the most of this transportation advantage.

Air Transportation

There are a few different airports scattered around the area surrounding Jefferson County. The closest airport is a general aviation airport, Morristown Regional Airport, and it is located a short 18 miles away. The airport mainly serves private and small charter aircraft operations. McGhee Tyson Airport is located less than 45 miles away in Knoxville. This larger airport serves commercial airlines, air cargo, and general aviation operations. McGhee Tyson handles 79 flights a day, and these flights connect to all parts of the country. Tri-Cities Airport is an even larger airport and is located an hour away. This airport is a full-service commercial airport that also handles general aviation operations for private and corporate aircraft. Whether you need to fly to an important business meeting or receive cargo by air, you can find an airport within just a short distance that can meet your air transportation needs. This helps make Jefferson County, TN, an ideal place to move your business.

Water Transportation

Rivers are used by many businesses to transport cargo. The Tennessee River starts in East Tennessee and has a commercial port located in Knoxville, which is just 30 minutes away from Jefferson County. From Knoxville, the river flows southwest to Chattanooga and then crosses into Alabama before turning north to flow into the Ohio River in Kentucky. Cargo ships can then easily make their way to the Mississippi River, which provides access to many major ports as well as connects to the Gulf of Mexico. Barges carry up to 50 million tons of cargo up and down the Tennessee River each year. River transportation is great for the environment and less costly than other modes of transportation. If you have a business that would benefit from close access to a commercial river port, then make the move to Jefferson County, TN. After you receive your goods from the port, you can then easily transport them to your business location in Jefferson County or to other destinations using the vast number of transportation routes that connect our county to the rest of the country.

Rail Transportation

If you move your business to Jefferson County, TN, you will have access to Norfolk Southern Railway. This railway serves 22 states with 19,500 miles of rail across the eastern United States. Many industries benefit from close access to rail travel. Railroads can ship large and heavy loads across vast distances. Jefferson County is a great place to move your business location to because you can receive cargo shipments and send them out via the Norfolk Southern Railway right here in Jefferson County. Some of the industries that the railway serves most frequently include agriculture, automotive, chemical, coal, forestry, metal and construction, and consumer products. There are many businesses in Jefferson County that fall into these categories and utilize the railroad for receiving and shipping goods. You should move your business to Jefferson County so that you can have this easy access to reliable rail transportation in addition to the other modes of transportation available.

Move Your Business to Jefferson County, TN: A Transportation Hub of the Southeast

Jefferson County, TN, is the perfect place to move your business. You need a business location that will allow your business to reach the rest of the country and the world through multiple modes of transportation. Whether your business needs to use automobile, air, water, or rail transportation—or even all four—you will be able to easily access each from your business location in Jefferson County. This provides an abundance of opportunities to help make your business thrive. If you are interested in doing business in Jefferson County with a new business location, reach out to us today at 865-397-9642 or online for more information, or check out our available sites.