Jefferson County was established in 1792 and is home to Tennessee’s second-oldest city Dandridge.  The longevity of our area has created a rich history of which we can be proud, and many of the area’s original landmarks still stand (the Courthouse) or are honored with a historic landmark plaque (site of the Battle of Dandridge and Davy Crockett’s homestead).  One of the pillars of our community is Jefferson Park at Dandridge.  Jefferson Park is the county-owned skilled care nursing facility located in Dandridge, and in May of 2019, the facility celebrated 50 years of community service.

About Jefferson Park at Dandridge

Jefferson Park began with humble roots.  Before the facility became an official nursing home, a caretaker and their family were running a program that cared for the elderly, sick, and poor on a local farm.  Through the application and receiving of a Hill-Burton Grant, Jefferson County was able to build a new nursing home facility that opened in 1969 with the first residents coming from the caretaker’s program.  The nursing home would be known as the Jefferson County Nursing Home.

Over time, the facility would grow from 9 residents to a dually certified skilled nursing facility with 160 beds.  Of the 160 beds, 30 of them are part of the facility’s Green House homes, three homes that each house ten residents, which opened up in 2010 and was the first of its kind in the state of Tennessee.  The Green House homes are a new way of living in a skilled care facility.  Residents have their own rooms and bathrooms with a shared community space that feels like they never left home.

As the facility continued to change and meet the needs of its residents and our area by adding services such as outpatient rehabilitation and therapy, it became clear that the term nursing home may not fit anymore.  In 2017, Jefferson County Nursing Home became Jefferson Park at Dandridge.  Though the name was new, the care, staff, and environment still carry the values set by the noble mission and vision of the facility.

Today, Jefferson Park at Dandridge is run by a skilled team of medical professionals and support staff lead by Administrator Roger Mynatt.  Mynatt has been the facility’s administrator since 1992 and is only the third administrator the facility has had.  They strive to provide their residents with the best care possible and treat each resident as a member of their family.  Jefferson County is truly lucky to have a facility such as Jefferson Park as part of our community.

A 50 Year Jubilee

Everyone enjoys a good celebration, right?  And 50 years in business is a great reason to have one.  Jefferson Park at Dandridge’s party was hosted on the front patio of the main building, known as the Legacy Building, and included a cookout, prizes, onsite chair massages, as well as a live band!  It was an afternoon enjoyed by all.  To celebrate the facility and its commitment to community service, County Mayor Mark Potts proclaimed Tuesday, May 14th, as Jefferson Park at Dandridge Day.

Craftmanship, Care, and Community in East Tennessee

In Jefferson County, we’re proud to have several businesses who have well-established roots in our area.  Jefferson Park at Dandridge is just one of the many examples of a company that is thriving and creating a better community in which we live.  Whether you are a site selector working on behalf of a client, a business seeking a location, or a developer looking for an opportunity, it is our goal to provide you with the most current information and resources available in our area.  Contact Derrick Collins, Economic Development Director, by calling 865-397-9642 or online today!