Industry sectors in Jefferson County include transportation, food and agribusiness, electrical, printing and imaging, and advanced manufacturing. Businesses within Jefferson County, Tennessee are situated strategically with access to major transportation routes. The workforce in the area boasts skillful and ready employees. Small businesses thrive in a place where success is established by hard work, dedication to craft, and elevated by cutting-edge technology.


With rich natural resources and a central hub to transportation, these global and renown industries make their home in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Ball Metalpack

Setting the standard for freshness and preservation in food packaging, since 1880. Producing environmentally friendly, economical packaging for household consumables, pet food, nutritional products, and more. With corporate offices in Colorado, Ball chose to place their manufacturing site in Jefferson County, Tennessee, to be near the abundant natural resources. Ball Metalpack supplies governmental as well as commercial customers and employes over 17, 500 worldwide. 

Bush's Beans

Did you know that when AJ Bush founded Bush’s in 1903, he did not start with selling beans? The history and knowledge of Bush’s Beans continue to reach deep into Jefferson County. This is due in part to access to natural resources and transportation routes connecting the industry to major markets. In 2008, the company celebrated its 100 year anniversary with the launch of the most popular product addition thus far. Duke, the beloved mascot of Bush’s, says things are going well, and you can check him out daily online.

English Mountain Spring Water

Harnessing the engineering of nature, English Mountain Spring water is bottled from the source, which produces 2.5 millions gallons of flowing spring water in Jefferson County. Located within 500 miles from 70% of the U.S. population, John Burleson, founder, chose this land to establish his business around world-class drinking water.

Matsuo Industries USA, Inc

Founded in 1948 with a strong philosophy in management, work, and community, Matsuo has crafted innovative automotive electronic controls and precision application equipment utilizing specialized automation. With locations in Jefferson County, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia, the global company strives to become a first-class standard in customer service, manufacturing, and sales of precision equipment, temperature sensors, and more

Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

Official freight carrier of Major League Baseball, Old Dominion has provided regional and global service since 1934. With a network of 235 service centers, Old Dominion operates logistic services domestically and globally. Over 17,000 union-free employees are ready to ensure that your company transportation needs are implemented successfully and safely. 


In 1917 a mission drove a patenting that together formed  Oshkosh Corporation – to build and design cutting-edge products that power global progress. Located in Jefferson County, they engineer vehicles and equipment with the user in mind, from towing and recovery to integrated communication and broadcast vehicles

Tru Homes

Founded on the belief that affordable, no-nonsense housing needs to be available for Americans. For the first time, after Tru Homes was established, people could finally own their own home. Now, the company produces homes ranging from 700-2,000 sq. ft. homes in over 31 states.