What Can the Census Do for You?

Jefferson County Tennessee wants you to be counted this year in the 2020 Census.

This year marks an event that only comes around every ten years. We are not talking about a total solar eclipse or a comet sighting; no, we are talking about the 2020 US Census. While you may think that the census only helps the federal government, it provides numerous benefits to every citizen. Continue reading […]

6 Benefits to Moving Your Business to Jefferson County in 2020

Man putting up an opening soon sign in the window of a new business in Jefferson County, TN

As a leader of your organization, relocating a business is a significant decision that has significant impacts on stakeholders. When considering moving your business to Jefferson County or any other area of East Tennessee, several factors should be carefully considered. These considerations include taxes, customers, cost of living, growth possibilities, access to infrastructure, and regional […]