State Wins Economic Development Award


Citizen's Tribune - Area Development Magazine’s 8th Annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards have recognized Tennessee for excellence in economic development.

States are acknowledged for their achievements in attracting highvalue investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.

Each of the 50 states was invited by Area Development to submit information about its top-10 job creation and investment projects. Only those projects that began to materialize in 2012 were considered.

Tennessee stood out based on a combination of weighted factors including the number of new jobs to be created in relation to the state’s population, the combined dollar amount of the investments, the number of new facilities and the diversity of industry represented.

Tennessee was recognized for excellence in economic development for states in the 5 to 10 million population range.

“The states receiving 2013 Shovel Awards deserve special recognition for their efforts to attract new businesses and to help their existing corporate citizens to expand their businesses,” Area Development editor Geraldine Gambale said. “They have managed to thrive and emerge from the recession as economic leaders.”

Other states receiving Silver Shovel Awards in the 5 to 10 million population range were Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia. Silver Shovel Award winners in the 10 million-plus population range were California, Florida and South Carolina. Four states won Gold Shovel awards: Texas, Georgia, Alabama and Kansas. 

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