Jefferson County Chamber launches "Go Local Jeffeson" campaign.


It’s political campaign season and nearly every candidate talks about jobs and the economy. But when it comes to supporting local jobs and the local economy, individuals can have a huge impact every day through their spending habits. In fact, there isn’t an easier way to impact the local economy than shopping at local businesses. And encouraging local shopping is exactly what the Go Local Jefferson campaign is about.

Go Local Jefferson is using advertising, social media, and other methods to urge residents to “spend their money where their heart is.” The campaign was recently launched and will introduce new elements soon.

“There are many cultural, environmental, community, and economic benefits to shopping at local businesses,” said Garrett Wagley, Director of Economic Development at the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.

“It supports our local economy, attracts jobs which sustain families, and provides revenue to support local public services. Shopping at local companies also ensures that we have a variety of unique and interesting merchants. And that helps make Jefferson County an interesting place to live, work, and play.”

Social media is a central part of the Go Local Jefferson campaign. A Facebook page contains lots of information about the campaign and will continuously highlight local companies and promotions. A website ( has also been created, and residents will soon see billboards, posters, and bumper stickers with the “shop local” messaging.

“This is an exciting initiative,” said Wagley. “The campaign will be very interactive and allows local businesses to highlight their products and services and reach out to local consumers. I’m particularly excited about the Spend $20 on the 20th promotion that we’ll be doing each month.”

In participation with The Standard Banner and others, consumers will be encouraged to spend $20 on the 20th of each month – $20 that they might currently be spending out-of-county. In addition, companies will have the chance to participate, remind shoppers of what they offer, and encourage consumers to “shop local” through promotions and specials.

Wagley pointed out that if every local household (19,573 Jefferson County households according to the U.S. Census Bureau) spent an additional $20 in Jefferson County each month, the result would be $391,460 in local economic activity. Annually, that would mean $4,697,520 in local retail sales. Tax revenue from that spending would result in an additional $129,182 in collections, and that’s without a tax increase.

Go Local Jefferson will also capitalize on national campaigns to encourage shopping at small, local businesses – efforts like Small Business Saturday and National Independents Week.

Local companies can participate by highlighting their products and services on the Go Local Jefferson Facebook page. They can also hang a poster in their place of business and develop special offers as a part of the Spend $20 on the 20th promotion.

Local consumers can participate by “liking” the Facebook page to receive the latest information about the campaign and promotions from local companies and drop by the Chamber’s office for a free bumper sticker.

They can also visit and join the mailing list, which will allow them to receive periodic e-updates. Most importantly, local residents can participate by patronizing Jefferson County businesses.

About Go Local

Go Local Jefferson is an effort of the Jefferson County Economic Development Oversight Committee. EDOC, in partnership with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, serves as the primary economic and business development entity for all of Jefferson County.




For questions or more info, please contact:
Garrett Wagley, Jeff. Co. Chamber Director of Economic Development
Phone: 865-397-9642
Websites: ||


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